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Fedora-ing on a Rainy Afternoon


The weather last Sunday afternoon was purgatorially dreary. I decided I’d try installing the Fedora 17 beta on my feeble and unmiraculous Dell Optiplex 260 at home in advance of upgrading other more important machines when the full release is available, so I downloaded the full i386 install DVD .iso. (Actually, being accustomed to having a poor broadband connection I had set this to download the night before.)

I don’t have any blank DVDs to hand at home, but I do have a nice 16GB Sandisk Cruiser Blade USB stick that I wanted to try installing from. (That’s bound to be kinder on the environment too, right?!?)

There is a good page on the Fedora wiki covering how to create and use Live USB that seemed relevant to this exercise. However, I made the initial mistake of only reading half the page and blindly followed the instructions to make a Live USB image using the LiveUSB Creator.

After RTFW (Reading The Fedora Wiki) a little more, I saw that these weren’t the instruction droids I was looking for; I wanted how to make a bootable USB drive to install Fedora instead of using a physical DVD, further down the page. I ran this advice without a hitch.

Nearly done? Well, I’d forgotten that I couldn’t boot the OptiPlex from USB (and began dimly remembering this rigmarole from Fedora-16 time). It was still dank outside, so I had a look around the web and found some great instructions from Dell which made me realise that if I’d bothered to update my BIOS since 2005 I would have support for booting from USB. Oops.

With the BIOS upgraded and the USB drive inserted I was given the option in the boot menu to boot from USB, and it worked, and the installation (well, upgrade really), seemed to go fine, and here I am writing up these notes using Fedora 17 Beta. Ta-da!

Fedora 17 Wallpaper

I’m pretty certain I used to be able to take screenshots differently with Fedora 16 though, and there are some odd messages when I try to shutdown, … Let’s report some bugs!